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It will be out as a PAPERBACK in a couple of weeks, available to order online through Amazon and Ingram/Lightning Source (Barnes and Noble, Blackwell etc). 

The e-Book will also be available through Ingram.

It is currently available as a KINDLE E-BOOK from Amazon – search for ‘Randy Spence’ at
If you don’t have a Kindle, and don’t mind reading on-screen, Kindle has free software for PCs and free Apps for tablets, to purchase and read Kindle books.


2032. When all six terrestrial deep-listening stations receive a second inscrutable message from space, only one human understands the meaning. Sandover tells Philamon, Kat and Beya - the woman of his dreams - that the message is FROM THEM SELVES, FROM THE FUTURE.

The ‘Orion’ message warns of a global NANO-ORGANIC SMART PLAGUE - that they must stop from happening. It gives them leads to new technologies and knowledge. It warns them that inter-place-time communication, in the wrong hands, is as deadly to humanity as the plague.

Driven by fate and fear, they are thrust into the dangerous worlds of global science, politics, economics and CORPORATE CONGLOMERATES - the most powerful and ruthless run by Édouard Moreau and his deranged son Jean Christophe, whose hate they have acquired at Merimbula.

All four have shadows in their pasts. Beya’s lead them to Washington and the WHITE HOUSE, Kat’s to British MI-7, Sandover’s to China and the shadowy global organization PYRAMID that watches over them all. In a no-rules war for control of emerging bio-nano-AI and communications breakthroughs, can they stop a future plague and learn to speak to the past?

The answers take them on a journey with impossible odds and breathtaking frontiers. They lead to the DANCE IN NEAR SPACE – the asteroids and habitats at the top of Space Lift. They lead to the PINNACLE of Pyramid and to the bottom of the SECRETS that lie within each of them. They lead to the future and to alternative paths.

“Shadow is the name I was given. Others will write this segment of place and time in their own tongues and images. My rendering starts with Merimbula, but from there it goes back as well as forward. In the end, there is no beginning.”...

 “It slips like a shadow from macro to micro, science and politics to hopes and terrors.”.. Bank President
“Accomplished and well written.”.. Former President, Penguin Group Canada
“There are clues, but the story is full of twists, like DNA, astonishing in the end.”..  Nobel Laureate
“Smart science fiction.”.. University Professor and Author
“An adept storyteller and a very good writer.”.. Professional Editor
Randy Spence is an author and economist who has lived and worked in many corners of the World, though not yet elsewhere.
Randy Spence is Director of Economic and Social Development Affiliates. His current assignments include ICT policy and regulation, poverty and economic policy, human development and capability initiatives, intellectual property and innovation systems. He worked from 1990-2005 with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada as Senior Program Specialist in economics and as Director of IDRC’s Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia in Singapore. Prior to joining IDRC, he was a senior economist with the Canadian Departments of External Affairs, Finance and the Energy, Mines and Resources, as well as the Ottawa-based North-South Institute. He has worked on a long-range planning project in Kenya (World Bank) and as an economic advisor in the Tanzanian Ministry of Planning (CIDA), and has taught economics at McMaster and Guelph universities, in Canada. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Toronto, Canada.

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